Monday, May 5, 2014

DUDES and DOLLS! rAce the pAce

Life is too short.. Look at the mirror: Did you ever think you were gonna grow up so fast? How long has it been, just a couple of decades with time running like water in a river?

Everywhere I see, I get motivated by its(life's) pace and it inspires me to race! Let me share one such incident with you:

I recently visited my friend who was sleeping late morning(obvio, vacation) and I had to wake him up. He cutely requested relief with these monotonous words "This is the only day I can sleep so late.. Otherwise these classes don't let me! ;-("

I see he was bored of classes though he was the one most excited to join it. Reason? just coz the timings were not comfortable. If the same classes be attended at some other timed batches, it could've been a whole different(far positive) scenario!

Hence I observed that we ourselves sometimes do not understand why we dislike certain things and are lead to misconceptions for things (here classes). Alternatively, he could have thanked the classes for helping him make a habit of rising early in the morning, for he discovered how beautiful and pleasant are the mornings that he was missing in school days.

It was like he missed the mornings due to school, he couldn't sleep due to classes and he was bored due to Third-party things!

If only he could control the workflow and plan resourcefully, he could be obliged by the sunday morning for the whole quota of school days mornings he's enjoying! And the classes for motivating early rise (but sorry, he couldn't get motivated) and dats what I'm talking about!

Elections are going on and everybody's thriving for the powers. Yes guys!  (like Swami Vivekananda says) Its all about man's capability (सामर्थ्य ) and that's what defines a person in legislative respects.. From PM to a mango man [Aam Admi(n)] <-- they're all the same, be any of the three.

So if I got a chance to enhance and enrich our lives just by mere awareness through this medium of my tiny blog, I would feel more efficient and capable than our ever-muted or remote  accessed PM.

Well, for my case (and praying so shall your be), I am inspired to expand my field of gizmo gaga stuff and will be posting them simultaneously for your appetite of cool stuff for it's hot and hitting summer..

So stay tuned guys.. For a lot more's yet to come!

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  1. Very Good Initiative Devansh (akka Figo).... Glad that u put an introductory writing which explains reason to create this blog and its cult... now that has increased expectations for ur blog... Lets see where u take it... all the best Dude